What is "THE TRUTH?"

"THE TRUTH" is a concept. "THE TRUTH" is different for everyone.

No one group or individual has a monopoly on "THE TRUTH" - the Ultimate Understanding of Reality. "THE TRUTH" is different for everyone, and it is only accessable via The Path With Heart.


The Path With Heart may constantly change, or may be clear from an early age, but it is unique for every individual. The Path With Heart can never be wrong or incorrect, and always makes sense within the context of a person's life and worldview. The Path With Heart is simply the understanding of Reality that each person arrives at after serious study/inquery/contemplation/reflection.

The Path With Heart lies outside of Empire

Dominating Subjugation Scripts of Western Imperial thought are inflicted upon all people born into Colonization

Dominating Subjugation Scripts make up the Enlightened Rational Cannon of Western Imperial thought, which, in turn, is presented as "THE TRUTH."


This "truth" is actually a group of learned ideas, attitudes, and behaviors which work to continue the propigation of the Industrialized Society of Western Empire, further colonizing the bodies and minds of Humankind while continuing to completely sever the connection between Humanity and the Living Mother Planet Earth and the Universe Itself.

The Ethereal Society encourages the use of Reality Paradigms - thought constructs antithical to the Enlightened Rational Cannon of Western Imperial thought - to shake loose the hold of Dominating Subjugation Scripts, allowing users to find The Path With Heart, and ultimately, "THE TRUTH."

B.Y.O. Reality Paradigm

If it's a thought construct that helps shake loose the Dominating Subjugation Scripts of Western Imperial thought - it's a Reality Paradigm

Reality as we know it can be described as a collection of stories. We are taught these stories from birth, and these narratives create constraints on our understanding of the world in which we live.


Some of these narratives are helpful: fire is hot; water is wet; food is converted by your body into energy that helps you stay alive. There are some narratives, however, that are not helpful: the poor are poor because they are lazy; society is continually on the upward swing of progress; an all knowing, all powerful multidimensional being created the universe.

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